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Download high quality MP3 play along music files and sheet music in PDF format directly to your computer. Beautiful and unique play along productions for trumpet and tenor sax and sing along music for male and female voices which include the lyrics and music of some of the most beautiful traditional Mexican songs. Songs that thousands of people sing and are part of international music repertoires. All our titles are available for immediate download directly to your computer or mobile device, no need to wait for items for days to arrive and pay shipping and handling fees. You can burn your songs to CDs and play them on any MP3-capable device. Songs are encoded at 256 kbps variable bitrate, which means you get great audio quality at a modest file size. Our music books and sheet music are available in PDF format which enable high resolution printouts with any computer. All PDF and MP3 files are compressed in zip files to reduce transfer file size. With the Latin Classics and Mambo y Danzon series we've expanded our music selection which now includes not only mariachi but also all-time favorite joyful and romantic traditional Latin melodies played by a professional combo.

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Mariachi Music

Mariachi music is the most representative of Mexico. The joy of its sones, huapangos, polkas and corridos is known and appreciated world-wide. This unique music is both beautiful and challenging to execute. Practicing the proper attack of the notes, vibrato and slurs will enable the trumpet student to produce the wide tone of the authentic mariachi trumpet sound. The mariachi band is usually composed of violins, guitars, guitarron, vihuela and brass wind instruments and accompanies folk music in the city streets and plays both traditional and recently composed music. Mariachi music is often played at serenades and all type of festivities and celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, political campaigns, parties and even at sad events like funerals. The word mariachi was thought to come from the French mariage, "marriage". The ensemble's early use at weddings explained the derivation of its name. Now, more recent studies indicate that the word mariachi is indigenous to Mexico. The now-extinct Coca language of central Jalisco is that most frequently cited as its probable source. Historical documents prove that both the word mariachi and the ensemble it designates pre-date the French occupation of Mexico, making any similarity with the French word a phonetic coincidence.

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