Play Along Series

Are you ready to play along? In each of these professionally arranged and produced collections, you’ll find a variety of mariachi play-along tracks for both trumpet and tenor saxophone. Each song includes a full band version as well as one or more accompaniment tracks. Sheet music is also included.


Mariachi Trumpet Play Along Vol. 1

Mariachi Trumpet Play Along Vol. 2

Viva Mexico Trumpet Play Along

Huapango Trumpet Play Along

Latin Classics Trumpet Play Along Vol. 1

Mambo y Danzon Trumpet Play Along

Tenor Sax :

Latin Classics Tenor Sax Play Along Vol. 1

Mambo y Danzon Tenor Sax Play Along

Sing Along Series

For the aspiring mariachi vocalist, the following collections feature 12 tracks complete with lyrics, chords, and music notation. Each song includes a version with and one without vocals.

Famale Voice

Mariachi Sing Along for Female Voice Vol. 1

Male Voice

Mariachi Sing Along for Male Voice Vol. 1

Sheet Music

Are you ready to perform with your own mariachi ensemble? The following transcriptions include PDF sheet music for the conductor, 1st/2nd trumpet, 1st/2nd/3rd violin, guitar, and guitarron.

Las Tres Pelonas

La Norteña

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