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The word “mariachi” is indigenous to Mexico. Though its origins are not entirely clear, the now-extinct Coca language of central Jalisco is most frequently cited as its probable source. As a word, it can refer to an individual musician, an entire band, or the style of music.


Of all Mexico’s musical genres (son, huapango, polka, corrido, and more), mariachi music is the most representative of the country’s life and culture. As beautiful to listen to as it is challenging to execute, students of mariachi are rigorously trained in their craft. Every note must be attacked properly and every vibrato articulated just right to achieve the authentic mariachi sound. For a trumpet player especially, a wide tone is essential to getting the genre just right.


The mariachi band’s repertoire includes traditional music as well as contemporary compositions.

Most ensembles include several violins, a guitarron, a vihuela, and an assortment of brass wind instruments. They typically accompany folk music in the streets. You can also find them at weddings, birthday parties, political campaign events, and even the occasional funeral.